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Hina Khan has been diagnosed with breast cancer

Hina Khan
Hina Khan

One of the popular TV actresses, Hina Khan, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress shared this information by sharing a social media post on Friday.

The actress wrote, 'I want to share some important news with Hinaholics (a group of Hina's fans) and all those who love and care for me. I have stage three breast cancer. Despite this, I want to tell everyone that I am fine. I am strong and determined, and I am fully committed to overcoming this disease. My treatment has started, and I am ready to do everything possible to recover from this even stronger.'

Hina Khan has further asked for privacy from the fans. The actress wrote, 'I want some respect and privacy from you during this time. I appreciate your love and prayers. I will stay positive with my family and close ones. With the grace of God, we are confident that I will overcome this challenge and recover completely. Please keep sending your prayers, blessings, and love.'

Take a look at her Instagram post:

Earlier, Hina shared a post in April. The actress mentioned in this post that she was dealing with many health issues. At that time, she was not even able to eat properly. Then she felt that this was happening due to working long hours.



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