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How does Farah Khan curse them, if someone hurt her?

Farah Khan
Farah Khan

Farah Khan and her sweet friend Anil Kapoor shared a couch in Kapil Sharma's show 'The Great Indian Kapil Show'. Both shared many interesting anecdotes from their lives and careers.

When Kapil asks them, What they do if someone hurts them?. On this, Farah Khan jokes that I cursed them in my way; I harbor negative feelings toward them, and I said, 'May your 3 or 4 films flop at the box office'. On the other hand, Anil Kapoor said that he takes revenge by doing good work.


The Great Indian Kapil Show is available to stream on Netflix. Every Saturday, a new episode is updated. In the last episode, British pop singer Ed Sheeran glorified the show, and in the next episode, Mr. & Mrs. Mahi actors Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao will be showing up as guests.



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