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Some of Us Lyrics KR$NA

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Some of Us Lyrics

While riding through the trenches

And that I fear to mention

I like living lowkey, they love the attention

Always keep a switchblade, so I can cut the tension

I got no more envy, only good intentions

I seen a lot of innocents, turning in some henchmen

Everybody say they love you, most are just pretending

Life gets crazy and these problems become endless

You wanna see the lifestyle, baby it's expensive

I'll save the story for another day, it gets extensive

I was gonna blow a bag, now I'm thinking I'll invest it

I don't like to say much, save all of the questions

Some of us are grateful, counting up our blessings

Some of us are focused on our l's instead of learning from our lessons

But I feel like god's watching while I'm being tested


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