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Akshay Kumar casts his vote for the first time

Akshay Kumar cast his vote
Akshay Kumar after casts his vote

Today is vote-casting day in Mumbai, and many celebrities are getting out to cast their votes. Like many celebrities, Akshay Kumar also gets out to cast his vote. He is voting for the first time in India because recently he got citizenship of India.

ANI, the well-known media agency, shared his video on X (formerly Twitter), in which actor Akshay Kumar is sharing his experience and giving a message to all of us to understand the importance of elections and casting votes. He shared that this is the first time he is casting a vote after getting citizenship, and he added that he wants our country to develop and remain strong.

He further stated that this year the turnout of voters will be good, as he went to visit at 7 AM and saw 500–600 people in his polling booth.



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