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Bobby Deol's favorite show is Panchayat

Bobby Deol
Bobby Deol

Famous Bollywood actor Bobby Deol is enjoying a lot of limelight these days. He did not get this limelight overnight; he bounced back in his career by working very hard during the downfall of his career and performing well in OTT web series like Ashram. Recently, Bobby Deol played the character of Abrar in the Animal Movie, which was also highly appreciated by the audience. Due to this character, he started being called Lord Bobby.

In an interview with Curly Tales, Bobby revealed his favourite show, vegetable and car. He said that he loved Loki Ki Sabzi (Bottle Gourd's Vegetable) very much. He further said that Loki Ki Sabzi has been shown buying it many times in his favourite show, Panchayat. When he was asked which car he liked—Range Rover or Porsche—Bobby said that he liked Porsche. I wanted to buy a sports car from the beginning, so when I got a chance, I bought a Porsche car.



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