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Coffee Addict Lyrics Justin B

Coffee Addict Lyrics


I wake up in the morning and I reach for my phone

But before I do that, I need my java fix, so

I stumble down the stairs, my eyes still half-closed

Gotta get that caffeine hit, it's the one thing I know

[Verse 2]

I'm standing in line at my favorite cafe

The barista smiles, asks "What can I make for you today?"

I say, "Give me a double-shot, extra foam on top"

I need that coffee buzz to make it through this day, non-stop


I'm a coffee addict, can't go a day without it

From the moment I wake up 'til the night is over, I'm shoutin'

"I need my caffeine fix, gotta get my daily dose"

Coffee addict, that's what I am, from my head down to my toes


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