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Who is Murlikant Petkar? Kartik Aaryan portraying Murlikant Petkar in his upcoming movie

Kartik Aaryan in 'Chandu Champion' As Murlikant Petkar
Left: Kartik Aaryan in 'Chandu Champion' As Murlikant Petkar; Right: Murlikant Petkar Receiving Award From President, India.

Murlikant Petkar was born on November 1, 1944, in Sangli, Maharashtra. He is India's first Paralympic gold medalist and won an individual gold medal in the 1972 Summer Paralympics, which were held in Heidelberg, Germany. Murlikant Petkar set a world record in the 50-metre freestyle swimming at 37.33 seconds.

Petkar suffered several injuries in an aerial attack during the 1965 war against Pakistan. He told the IPC that he was out for tea in the afternoon, and then I listened to a whistle blow to warn about an aerial attack. I tried returning to my room, but the firing had already started. In a rush, I was injured with multiple bullets, and an army vehicle also ran over me.

He is truly a living legend and a soldier who never gave up. He fought through many challenges and won every race of his life.

Kartik Aaryan now portrays living legend Murlikant Petkar's character in his upcoming movie 'Chandu Champion'. The movie is all set to release on June 14.



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